S A M I A B U S A M R A - B L A C K B E L T I N D E A D P A N .

Sami has been writing and directing comedy films since realising that he’s too sarcastic to do a real job.  Whether directing comedy legends like Caroline Quentin, comedy future-legends like Joseph Morpurgo or non-comedy legends like Richard Branson, Sami’s work is built around unimpeachable performances and, usually, scripts drier than Ghandi’s flip flop.  Sami’s career started at MTV, working on shows like Gonzo with Zane Lowe.  He’s since made broadcast stuff for the BBC, commercial stuff for M&C Saatchi and if Antarctica would just sort its life out his short films would have been on every continent in the frickin’ world.  You’ve made a powerful enemy Antarctica.



B E N M A L L A B Y - W O R K L E A D E R I N C O M E D Y V I O L E N C E .

Ben doesn’t like to talk about his BAFTA nomination, so don't ask him what it is about his short film Island Queen that was so highly lauded.  Ben hates it when people mention that The Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw really rated the work.  So please do not raise that with him.  And Ben is frankly embarrassed that Zoe Ball was sycophantic enough to rave about Island Queen on her radio show. Twice.  So lets all move on right?

Ben's work includes commercials for household names like Cadbury’s, the National Lottery and KLM.  He's also made many other awarding-winning shorts which have played at places like the BFI London Film Festival, Encounters and Leeds.  BAFTA.


Tibbs team - Tom 2.png

T O M L E V I N G E - F A C T U A L C O M E D Y , S E R I O U S L Y J O V I A L M A N .

Tom has produced and directed TV series for the BBC, Channel 4, Comedy Central, Dave, Vice and NBC. He specialises in mixing real people with comedians (comedians are people too in a way I suppose but you get the idea.) Whether it's self shooting Brazilian tribespeople with Nish Kumar and Joel Dommett (shooting in a filming way) or capturing Charlotte from Geordie Shore at an Indian Princess' wedding in Rajasthan (literally capturing) he can deliver it. His short films and viral videos have been shown at festivals all over the world and viewed millions of times online. In his spare time he is a comedy improviser performing with acclaimed improv theatre The Free Association. Tom really bloody loves making stuff (and can put up impressive shelving units).


Tibbs team - Nick 2.png

N I C K F L Ü G G E - H E A R T W A R M I N G C O M E D Y C A P E R S .

Nick specialises in charming and elegantly told stories. He’s spun yarns for advertising agencies such as Mother, Wieden & Kennedy and BBH, and created award-winning campaigns for COI, Virgin and Oxfam, and non-award-winning campaigns for many more. He’s written jokes for well-loved shows such as Have I Got News For You, Newsjack and also The World’s Craziest Fools, starring Cash-4-Gold regular Mr. T. 

Nick’s won awards for his short films both here and in the U.S. and was short-listed for IMDB's New Filmmaker of the Year. His previous two shorts, The Hook and Cul-De-Sac have been acquired for global distribution and are currently being broadcast to millions.

He’s currently perfecting the art of writing about himself in the 3rd person.