A B O U T .

Ok yes, MISTER TIBBS is a turquoise cat. But he’s also four comedy filmmakers called Sami, Ben, Tom and Nick.

We specialise in delivering comedy content to brands and broadcasters. So if you’re a brand or a broadcaster, hello, welcome, pull up a bean bag, slip off your brogues, relax, click around, enjoy, get in touch.

At MISTER TIBBS we’ve made comedy with channels like the BBC, Channel 4, Comedy Central and MTV. With brands like Facebook, Skype, Mitsubishi, Virgin Trains, The Guardian, Cadburys, the National Lottery and Coors Light. And we’ve done it alongside agencies like VCCP, Mother, M&C Saatchi and Iris.

Basically we know what we’re on about. So no matter what you need, if it’s funny, we can do it.

We've got directors who can write, some that shoot, and others who edit and animate.  We've done all sorts of other jobs in the past too, from delivering advertising creative to producing TV entertainment. So we can help you work your idea up as well as help you make it and deliver it. We call it “root to fruit thinking”. Ok, we don’t… but we could.

Also, not gonna lie right, the number of comedians in the MISTER TIBBS’ rollerdex is enough to stage our very own variety performance*. And knowing people in the comedy world really helps when it comes to making funny work for you/your brand/your channel.

If you need MISTER TIBBS (the turquoise cat), he’ll be over by the radiator. If you need MISTER TIBBS (Sami, Ben, Tom or Nick ) then the details are over there.


*Should probably look in to that actually.

C O N T A C T .

T E L . +44 7813 636422

E M A I L . thebigcat@mistertibbs.co.uk

T W I T T E R . @ItsMisterTibbs