U P C L O S E A N D P E R S O N A L W I T H M I S T E R T I B B S .

Every three months (ish) we host a short film night in London. It’s called “Up Close And Personal With Mister TIbbs” and we use it to share comedy work we like with comedy people we like.

So if you’re a director, producer, writer, comedian, actor, director of photography, editor or any other skilled, charming professional with a specific interest in making good comedy, seeing good comedy, or meeting the people who make the good comedy, then you’re probably going to want to come along.

But how?

So glad you asked. It’s an industry night so it’s invite only. But to be honest we ain’t doing so much of the checks of the ol’ credentials… so to get on the list all you have to do (literally) is email us and say you want to be on the mailing list.

When the invite goes out there’s a button in the email that you have to click to register your seat and that - is - that.

The only rule is don’t register a seat if you can’t come. Because that’s a dick move jabroni.